Thursday, July 22, 2010

our little detour

only took five hours....
We attempted to cross the border into Canada yesterday...
A little shortcut to our aunt's home in Northern Vermont.
Campsite was even reserved outside of Toronto...

Plans changed.

We had three passports and a certificate of citizenship...
Thought that would be sufficient.
Should have brought along birth certificates for the kids...
Lesson learned.
Will get passports for all when we get home.

A two hour trip back over the bridge,
Three hours more to go around the lake,
too late for a campsite,
turned in at a hotel just after midnight,
back on the road...

Just learned it was raining last night where we had planned to camp.
Thankful for good travelers and safe travels....
We'll see what adventures today brings us!



  1. So that's where you are! We come to Chicagoland for the weekend, and you're off gallivanting in New England!
    See if I come to see you again! :)

  2. I've been missing your posts, so glad to hear that your travels are going well and that there's been gilded edges to any clouds that may have entered your adventure zone.
    x Felicity