Monday, August 2, 2010

We're Back!

And we had a terrific time.

We were gone for 14 days.
I have piles upon piles of laundry.
An entire yard to weed,
and a house to prepare for 15 days of company.
You read that right.
Aunts and Uncles and cousins start coming next week.
Camp Cousins to prepare for....
Then school starts.
Lots and lots to do.

Back to sweet vacation memories.
Sofi was a trouper.
Thank goodness for the gortex cast lining.
Here she is with her entry to the sandcastle contest.

Two nights in Michigan.
One night in New York due to our unexpected episode at the border.
Two nights in Vermont.
Seven nights camping in New Hampshire.
One night in Pennsylvania.
And home we came.

It was our best family vacation to date.
Such fun visiting our old stomping grounds....
Pilgrim Pines, the camp where Mark and I met in New Hampshire....22 years ago.
Yesterday we celebrated 18 years of marriage.
I'm 38...
so we've known each other a long long time.

Off to laundry land.
More pics to come.
Glad to be home.


  1. Well happy belated anniversary! I can't wait to see more of your vacation pics. Wouldn't it be nice if time around your house just stood still while you were on vacation? You know like how you stop your mail or paper? And disposable clothing. Someone needs to come up with that too. Just wear the clothes one day and then throw them away. Come back from vacation with no laundry and a house just like you left it!

  2. Welcome home & happy anniversary! We got married when I was 20 too! Your daughter is precious in her cast by the way!

  3. wish you could have stopped by!! you are so brave to camp all those nights!! glad you had fun...welcome home :)

  4. hope laundry land is getting smaller! :)
    Welcome Home and Happy Anniversary!
    Enjoy the night