Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bye Bye Table Saw Hello Birdbath!

Come see where we've been sleeping!

With 13 nights of family here,
we haven't been sleeping here...

Come down the stairs with me and I'll show you the "spare bedroom."

Walk through the playroom,

Pass by my art studio,

Through the "mid basement" nightmare, I mean future game room...

and you'll enter Mark's new office/studio/mancave...
He started framing the walls after our vacation.
We have a ways to go...

Turn to the left and you'll see our luxury accommodations!
We set up the girls' old double bed, threw some things together,
and felt like we were living in a cave.
Cold, dark, and very quiet.

While lying in bed, look to the right and you'll have this cozy machinery next to your head!
There will be a wall there soon, don't worry.

Between the bed and the desk was an escape route...

With a pretty decent view of the sky....

Walk up the stairs and you're on the patio.

My brother and sister both offered to be in the basement,
but there was no way I'd put their families down there!

I miss them all,
but I'm really happy to be back up here,
right next to my birdbath.



  1. LOL! Our basement is a work in progress too. So nice of you to give your family the good digs. Love the birdbath!

  2. Oh such memories!!! One of my best friends from grade school slept in the basement of her mother's house. It was completely unfinished, but immensely perfect for napping and sleeping the day and dark.

    You are such a hostess offering your room to your guests. We do thin so alike.


  3. I love it when people with beautiful houses, decor and art rooms show us their dirty little secrets! Just makes me feel better about myself!