Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chips, Dip & a Mexico Trip

Today's random photo,
an attempt to win a radio contest trip....

I had 7 minutes from hearing the contest announcement to post to the radio show.
I was en route from dropping Mark off at the train.
I didn't win, but Izzy & I had a good time making the "beach scene" together at 7:45 a.m.
The goal?
Post a pic of your bikini somewhere.
The winner was wearing her over her clothes while on the Metra train.
I guess I couldn't top that.

My days are crazy, and I'm sure yours are too.
Adding humor keeps me sane.

Today I proofread a student's dreams & wishes for her artwork.
"I want testes. I want a man."
She meant tests and a mansion.
I had to ask for clarification.
So hard to keep a straight face sometimes.

I have about fourteen days left in the art room.
Every day is a blur of paper, paint, spills, glue, pastels and fun.
I'm going to miss it.
A lot.
I love the planning, the prep, and interacting with the kids.
Today I taught my fifth graders how to enlarge their drawings,
brought the fourth graders to the computer lab for Sketch Up,
taught the third graders how to turn numbers into art,
helped the second graders finish their puppet shows & Chinese dragons,
made "sandwiches" with the first graders after reading The Sandwich Swap,
and taught another third grade class how to make Notans with scissors and paper.
Then I had my reading intervention group.
Between the second and the first grade I ran to Hobby Lobby over lunch for more supplies.

Crazy, busy, busy day.
Home making meat loaf, baked potatoes, and playing with shrinky sinks with my girls.
Homework help, spelling practice, reading time.
I'm loving it all.

Linnea asked me tonight what I've learned from my teaching experiences this year.
I've learned I've missed teaching, a ton.
I've learned I didn't need to be scared to try it again.
I've learned I love having a schedule during the day.
I've learned I want to find a position in the Fall.

We'll see what the next six months bring.
The last six have been an incredible wild ride, and I'm so glad I've taken it.


  1. Good for you! You inspire me Julie!

  2. gosh Julie, whatever school gets you will be so lucky!! it crushes me that my 9 year old doesn't like art because her teacher talks almost the whole classtime!! i will say a prayer that your dream job comes to you!! hugs, cathy