Sunday, February 26, 2012

Changing Things Up

This is what our living room looked like last week.
Now it's empty.
Drywall repair is done.
Looks like we never even had skylights.
Painter comes tomorrow.

The library and living room our both getting much needed facelifts.
In the meantime my head is spinning.
The possibilities are endless when I see empty rooms.
I've mentally rearranged all of the furniture we own.
I've measured spaces.
I've dreamed on Pinterest...aka land of the lost.
I could lose myself there in happy land for hours.

Most of my dreams have been vetoed by Mark or the kids.
I looked at the pic above, and instantly thought a library on the far wall with a moving ladder would be fantastic.
We have a library.
Not if we moved a wall and opened the kitchen.
I've mentally Mark's most despised piece of furniture (the chalkboard), into the dining room.
I've mentally moved the library bench into the kitchen and added a table from the basement.
I've mentally moved our buffet into the living room.
I've mentally moved about 10 pieces of furniture curbside.
I can dream right?
It's exhilarating and exhausting.
I have a big headache from the dust and the dreams.
My wheels never stop spinning when I see possibilities.

I'll post pics of the progress this week.
For structural reasons we won't be adding wood to the ceiling.
I'm nervous and excited about the paint color choices.
Once again I chose them and then opened the Pottery Barn catalog.
There they were.

p.s. My adorable nephew Toren was born last Saturday. So cute and too far away! :(

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