Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Pics from May

I asked Izzy to take a little rest the other day.
Points for creativity?

Note the doll.
She thinks outside of the box like her mom. :)

I'm wearing heels in this pic.
Two of my children are taller than me now.
The pink ring is from my iphone case.

I wore this on May 26 to pick up the girls.
That's my gray wool coat.
My knit leggings.
My boots.
May 26 my friends.

Today I'm toasty in a tank dress in flip flops.
The weather is so random here in IL.

I've been sitting on the bench a lot lately.
It's fun seeing the kids thrive.
The dress is adorable.
You should see her outfit today.

Yes, yes she does.


  1. I knew we were kindred spirits. I have one like Izzy. Drives me crazy and she is only 4! They do keep life interesting! Love your boots! Very cute!

  2. My boys are like Izzy. lol They wear goggles and Dr. Seuss hats into stores and I just let them. I find it makes people smile...and there can't be anything wrong with that, right?? lol