Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do You Zoku?

We bought Mark an early Father's day gift...
and have been playing with it every day.

Seven minutes and you have three popsicles.

You can even add fruit...

I'd love to know what others think of this little gadget.
Since we need more three popsicles, you can make another batch or two right away.
Then you freeze it again.
Today's flavor?
Belgium chocolate pudding from Trader Joe's.
I may not be sharing. :)


  1. ok I am very jealous right now. I posted a few days ago that I want one of these for summer...I'm SO going to get one!

  2. I've seen these and wondered about them. 7 minutes huh? I might have to try this out. That sounds awesome. My kids love homemade popsicles. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is the coolest thing ever! No, I have not seen it...but I have been living under a rock! I have to add to my list for when I get home...enjoy!

  4. seven minutes?! that is crazy!! what's funny to me is that they made the machine in 3's and not 4's... don't know why or what that says about me... maybe I just like more popcicles!!

    was in Swanzey and Keene yesterday! it was a bit toasty. hope you are well!