Monday, December 12, 2011

Find Our Home on the Newstand...

We're in the January issue...
They were here in September,
and I was at school!
So not fair.
Mark worked from home...
truck was here with stylists & photographers from 9-3,
so the pics in here are new to me too! ;)

I honestly couldn't find our living room,
or my bedroom,
or my dining room.
Izzy did!

Our rooms are throughout the magazine...
They use products advertisers are selling, and staged them in our rooms...
the living room, kitchen, kid's bath, dining room, library, our master, outside, and my studio.
It's kind of a "Where's Waldo" game we've been playing as a family...
or "What in this picture is really in our home?"

My neighbor walked through our home with magazine in hand and played the game.
It's pretty funny actually.
They were an amazing team.
Everything in our home was put back in order.
They mixed things up a bit, and it was fun to see what they put here and there.

Our home is nowhere near magazine worthy now.
The tree is up.
I'm sitting near it and tingly & itchy from head to toe.
Ears are clogged, and nose too.
I think this may be the last year for a live tree.
I hate allergies. 8 foot ladder is propped nearby,
Just in case I get the urge to clean the rest of the ceiling.
80% of the ornaments are on the tree,
75% of the decorations are up...
and the irony is I'm not phased by it one bit.
I'll get to it,
sometime before a big party here on Friday.

Four more days of school.
Four more days teaching reading.
Four more days with kids I've come to absolutely adore.
Four more days to tidy up the loose ends on this position,
Four more days to meet with the Art teacher during plan periods,
Five more days until a Nutcracker birthday party for Sofi...

I think I'm the big nut who hopefully won't crack while getting everything done!
Time to lose myself on Pinterest for a bit so I can forget it all....


  1. Very cool! How did this come about?

  2. Pretty random...there was a blurb in the Daily Herald from the magazine looking for unique homes in the area with unusual features. I figured ours fit the bill. :) I sent her an email with a link to pics on my blog. She came out that week and took some quick pics. That was over a year ago...but she said then that it would be a good pic for the Primitive issue. She called again in July and took more pics. They came out and staged it in Sept. Awesome people to work with!

  3. How cool is that??!! Good things are shining down upon you friend! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and are off to a great start in 2012!