Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm alive, and I chose yellow

Ten days back from Mackinac Island....
and I want to go back.

Once upon there was just two of us....

and we needed some time away to remember that.

I danced the night away with cousin Freddy.
He's got some great moves for being a four year old.

My yellow shoes made me quite a bit taller....
See pic above.
I added about 4 inches and they really were comfortable.

No kids.
No dogs.
No bickering.
Made me think, "why did we ever had anyone else to the mix?" :)

But we did.
I love my kids, but we really needed some time away....

We've had a busy Summer.
Sister here for 17 days.
Brother here for 7.
Family trip to Door County.
Getting Carl ready for camp.
4th of July.
Community garden.
Time together.
Lots of time together.

I've instituted the bicker buckets.
They bicker.
They get a bucket to hold together.
Off they go to weed...until the bucket is full.
It's worked.
Except I'm the one doing most of the weeding!


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time! Love the yellow shoes. You look great! It is nice to get away from the urchins once in a while. Like the bicker bucket thing. I could see me doing alot of weeding though too!

  2. So glad you are happy and home enjoying your summer! I love that you guys got away and that you still danced with a kid...we are moms forever right? :) You look beauty-full and so happy!

    Love the bicker bucket idea - so stealing that!

  3. first, you look beautiful! second, i want to hear about mackinac island. we would love some time away just us. i think because we don't do it often enough we get a little nervous leaving our little one...thats pretty sad huh?
    oh, and the weeding bucket is an awesome idea!